We Are Equal, But We Are Not The Same

When people are saying #BlackLivesMatter, I don’t want to hear #AllLivesMatter or #BlueLivesMatter. By doing so, you are trying to wash away the very problem that the masses are trying to bring attention to. The reason Black Lives Matter exists is because people of color are MURDERED at the hands of the people who are supposed to serve and protect. It is a very REAL problem and it has everything to do with race. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the thousands of videos that show the difference between how white people are treated vs people of color.

Do cops get injured or killed while on duty? Yes, some of them do. It is a risk they take when they sign up for the job. The difference is that they are not being bullied and murdered at record numbers.

It is not OK for people of color to fear for their lives during a routine traffic stop or because they are wearing a hoodie or eating candy or playing with a toy gun or reaching for their wallet or God forbid… if they dare question the “authorities” about why they are being detained or arrested.

We are not so far off from Nazi Germany, where people with badges and special “rights” are allowed to murder people because they don’t fit a certain image of “perfection”. Think about it.

To pretend that if you just “do what they say” then you’ll be ok is absolute bullshit. We live in the land of the “free”, yet you can’t question why you are being detained and/or arrested? Where “resisting arrest” is a blanket excuse to bully and enslave another human being? Police are supposed to be trained to diffuse situations. Instead they are lighting fires everyday.

What is going on in our country is absolutely NOT ok. I don’t care about cops doing the running man. In fact, it is infuriating when the media tries to dissipate abuse by shifting the focus to something completely irrelevant.  Oh look at this cop dancing in the street, he’s so nice. #BlueLivesMatter. As if a ridiculous dance excuses the blatant abuse of power, corruption and murder.

What about the guy that told the cop that he had a license to carry and he was going to reach for his wallet so he got shot in front of his fiancé and child? Does his life matter? What about the life of his fiancé and child? Do their lives matter? What about his mother and father? Do their lives matter? What about his friends and family that will have their hearts and their lives ripped apart. Do their lives matter?

Yes, all lives matter, even the lives of cops, but that is NOT the issue. All lives don’t live in fear. All lives don’t have to worry about having an excruciatingly higher probability of being enslaved in a corrupt system. All lives don’t have their lives at risk because they wear a hoodie or because their skin isn’t pristinely white.

In order to create effective and positive change, you must first acknowledge that a problem exists. Saying that we are all the same is not the fix. We are equal but we are not the same. (How terribly boring would that be anyways)? If we are we only able to love each other and treat each other with respect if we are the same, then you need to open your eyes and see just how dangerously harmful that is. We are all so gloriously and beautifully different and we should embrace that.




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